Oleg Zdanovych, Robert Lewadowski

Oleg Zdanovych

He was born in Donetsk, his father was a miner and his mother a teacher. Oleg learned humility and hard work from his father, and from his mother, he learned democracy and a limitless love towards people. The books his family had in the house library brought him closer to literature and art. He had a liking for cars since he was young. After he completed his military service, he exchanged his passion for cars for a passion for art, this was also the moment in which he started his first collection by actively working together with museum employees. By collecting paintings and giving restored ones back to the churches in the Ukraine, he strived to save them from being forgotten. His activities were incredibly important to Russia and Ukrainian icons, because he returned them to their former glory. One of Oleg’s greatest achievements was offering the icon „The Savior in Tochili” (which is dated to be from the second half of the XVIII century) to the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Sumy.

Oleg began publishing the book „Icons of the orthodox church from the XVI-XX century in private collections of Donetsk” in his own name.

Oleg received the Medal of Primate by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, he was also awarded with public prizes and prizes given by the Church.

Oleg’s motto was „Find, restore and give back to the people”.

His biggest dream was to build an icon museum in Donbass, so that the citizens of Donetsk could visit a place, where the icons of the orthodox church are presented and can be seen by everyone.

Outside of art he also loved to travel. Discovering the most distant places, other cultures and people was very important to him. He did not want to be confined within his own country, the world had so much more to offer. He believed, that travels could not only provide wonderful memories, but also, more importantly, had educational value.