When I met Oleg, our cities were 1000 kilometers apart. I moved to Donetsk, a new city, because I missed him so much and he persuaded me to do it. While moving into this beautiful city I didn’t expect war to break out, nobody expected it. People were living peacefully, humbly – there were no signs that indicated, that this tragedy would happen. We were happy in Donetsk, we lived a good life, we were happy until the city was overrun by war, death and fear. There were Russian supporting soldiers everywhere and there were corpses of killed people lying on the streets. There wasn’t a place where you could feel safe. Everyone believed that this situation would quickly pass, that war would end… but it didn’t, war didn’t end. Artillery gunfire, screams, bullet holes in fences and buildings, bomb craters, burned down houses. Those are images, that no one will be able to erase from their memories. We went through hell.

We had nothing else left to do, then escape, because we could be the next victims of this war. We took only bare necessities and left the city, in which the only thing waiting for us, was death.

Donetsk looks now like a ghost town. Nothing of the once brimming with life city was left. Only memories remain. Breathtaking ruins. Silence, empty streets, destroyed buildings, leftover bullets and everywhere you look are signs of death and memories of a ruthless war.

A part of us will always remain in the Ukraine, because it’s our homeland. Goodbye Ukraine… you took our freedom, but you won’t take our life.